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I presented this research at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston on March 1st under the title "Dequantizing the Player Draft using Extreme Value Theory". Ranking Software's ground-breaking research proposes a new way of evaluating Player Drafts in professional sports:
On the Value of AFL Player Draft Picks
See the Video on the SSAC website here

At the World Congress of Performance Analysis in Sport 2012, in Worcester I spoke about using Partition of Variance to accurately measure the 'luck' in various statistics and hence in the winning or losing margin
The Luck of the Score: Partition of Variance for Performance Analysis of Team Sports (abstract only)
At the Pre-Olympic Congress on Sports Science and Computer Science in Sport 2012, in Liverpool I detailed my experiences in using statistical software in elite sport, and the barriers to successful application of analytics and visualisation during play
Can Stats Turn The Game Around? Effective Use of Statistical Decision-Support Systems by Coaches during Continuous Live Sport (abstract only)

Research into betting strategies is a major part of our work. This one was presented in September 2012 at the MathSport Conference
Optimal Exchange Betting Strategy for Win-Draw-Loss Markets

This often-cited paper describes game theory concepts brought via backgammon to team sports using years of AFL data
Possession Versus Position: Strategic Evaluation in AFL
(Inactive) blog where I look behind the scenes at the real value of sporting performance
Sports Ranking Blog

Some of the more promising sports technologies and research are listed below.
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